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Eco-responsibility, or environmental responsibility, is an approach which consists of integrating sustainable development issues into all of our activities, whether in the areas of consumption, production, transport or even social interactions.
Eco-responsibilityinvites all citizens to think about the consequences of their actions on the environment, to modify their behavior to include sustainable development issues.

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When creating the guest rooms, I asked myself the question about the environmental impact of tourism. From the very first days, I wanted to offer greener holidays, more in line with the world that I imagine for future generations. Step by step, I want to lead travelers to discover another mode of consumption, other ways of getting around, to discover La Rochelle. I take great pleasure in finding my partners, my local artisans, in trying, testing, taming the products before offering them to you. I am very attentive to the taste and work of men and women. This is why with us there will not only be organic, there is also reasoned and always passionate.

Sustainable development is not a doctrine to be followed literally, it is a state of mind and everyday choices which will, I hope, make a better world for tomorrow. 

An intelligently designed house

The house was extended in 2015, under the RT 2012 law on new constructions. 

Of thesolar panelswere installed to produce and reinject electricity directly into the home. 

ThereWater Management was one of the priorities. 6 sources circulate below the house, we operate 2 of them. One of them supplies our entire private house and the toilets in the guest rooms. The second is dedicated to the garden. 

Heating is managed by an energy-efficient gas boiler, theheating is on the floorin 80% of the house in order to prioritize comfort. The house is heated in winter to 20°C. Oflarge bay windows capture the sun's rays to naturally heat rooms. 

Therelocal bedding was chosen in a company in Charente Maritime.

Finally thegarden is a true haven of peace, with in its center, a pool created by us. An ecosystem has developed quickly around it, you will be able to observe small tree frogs, birds from the smallest to the largest coming to drink or take their bath, water spiders, dragonflies... Welet's grow our vegetables in our vegetable garden of 150 m2 with permaculture techniques. We sow our own peasant seeds and work a lot with the moon for planting and sowing. We are delighted to share with our travelers about different gardening techniques! 

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My Artisans - Local Suppliers

Amélie, Savonnerie En Bullant .jpg
AB logo.jpeg

Amélie Boué
Soapworks By bubbling
Rochefort (17)

Marie Fillon Luminaires.png

Marie Fillon
Niort (79)

logo art workshop of france.jpg
La beunaise.jpeg
AB logo.jpeg

Maria and Christopher
La Beun'aise, local beers
Aytré (17)

Alain Chadutaud in his vineyards.jpg

Alain Chadutaud
Winemaker Cognac-Pineau-Wine
Merignac (16)

AB logo.jpeg
Claire Jaurand, florist.jpeg

Claire Jaurand
Florist, eternal flowers
La Rochelle (17)

Domaine de Garancille
Vins charentais 
Segonzac (16)

Gilou and his team
La Rochelle market (17)

Nanou et Francois
Boulangerie "La Mie Aytrésienne"

Household 2.0

Vapodil poster .jpg

I have long searched for the best way to do housework, without damaging my health and without altering the planet... Vinegar damaged my lungs for 5 years and the natural products I used (black soap, vinegar, essential oils) were not considered virucidal against Covid-19...

At the end of 2020 I discovered this dry steam device, the Vapodil, which propels steam at 120°C with a pressure of 4 bars.

It cleans, disinfects, dusts, deodorizes...Without any product (neither chemical nor natural for that matter):ONLY STEAM !

My ecological cleanliness anti-dirt and anti-virus ally!

Device certified by AFNOR by the Ministry of Health, and it is a French company (Cocorico!)

On the road to Zero Waste

When you live on the Atlantic coast, you realize on a daily basis thatthe impact of our waste on our environment. On every walk on the beach, there is not a day when we do not find plastic, horticultural waste, pieces of glass washed up by the sea... 

So at Terre en Vue, you will not find unnecessary packaging: thesoap is offered to you in bulk, THEglassesin the room are neither cardboard nor plastic but rather glass, thetap water is drinkable, the butter for breakfast is carefully cut into a larger butter toavoid individual portions,etc.


Solutions exist, without too many constraints and without reducing the comfort of your stay!

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